Hello, Ahmet here! UX Designer at Planitar.

Code savvy UI/UX designer with 2+ years of experience crafting trustworthy and engaging design products.

In a previous life, I worked as a Fortune 500 agency software engineer!

With my experience in design and development, from both engineering and design perspectives, I understand users’ needs as well as the needs of developers and bring a well-rounded perspective to all my projects.

These are some selected companies I Ioved working with:


Redefining the online delivery experience.

Designed the version 1.0 of the marketplace platform that signed 8 businesses within a week of product launch and the company is on track to sign 50+ businesses after 6 months of the platform launch.

Web App
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Changing the way we give gifts.

Designed a mobile that helps you pick the best gift for your loved ones and reminds you to give them at the right time so you never forget a friend’s birthday ;)

Mobile App
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Terra Fırma Consultants

Improving branding and site experience for a consulting company.

To increase engagement and conversion of an established consulting company, I revamped their whole website with new site workflow and UI design.

Responsive Web
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What my clients say about my work

-Michelle, CMO of Haligone

"Ahmet is very knowledgeable about his craft and was very innovative in finding solutions that fit our company perfectly. He went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied. I highly recommend Ahmet, as his passion and expertise is outstanding, and will elevate your business.”

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-Michelle, CEO of The Grateful Wardrobe

Ahmet is very professional, easy to work with, and completely interested in your satisfaction!

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Below are some of the projects I loved to work on.

Terra Firma Consultants

Terra Firma Consultants is a custom website I built to help a small consulting company make a bigger impact with their online presence.

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The Grateful Wardrobe

The Grateful Wardrobe is a local boutique that aims to provide mental care treatment assistance for those in need. My role was Web Design, Branding , and UI Design.

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Haligone helps local boutiques get better online exposure and helps them give their consumers better delivery experience.

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Food Box

Food Box is a web application that helps people find monthly subscription deals with local restaurants.

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Giftastic is a mobile application that helps people find meaningful birthday gifts for their loved ones and ship it to their doorstep.

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