About Me

So I am guessing you have a few questions and you would like to learn more about me. Scroll  to see if I covered all of your questions ;)


So... tell me about yourself

Hi there, my name is Ahmet, and I am a UI/UX designer living in Waterloo, Canada.  

Currently, I am working as a UI/UX designer at Planitar where I help build a better 3-D virtual tour experience for commercial and real estate businesses.

So far, I have redesigned iGUIDE Viewer, a responsive 3-D virtual tour application, for web, and mobile, serving 4+ million users across Canada, United Stated, and 20+ other countries.

Before this, I was a UI/UX Designer at Haligone, a startup focused on providing a market space for small businesses in Halifax.

My day-to-day activities ranged from creating design mockups to interviewing 6-7 figure business owners.


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How did you get into design?

It all started when I began my first full-stack developer internship at an agency called Content Bloom.

As the agency didn’t have any other designers on our team, my manager wanted me to tackle some design tasks such as doing user interviews. 

I was learning about design in my role, but was very comfortable with computer science, and wanted to begin coding my project immediately. 

Thank god, my manager stopped me and said:

"Go talk with some content editors in the company."

 I asked: "Why?"

 He said: "If we know what their struggles are, we will build a better app." 

And that is how I got introduced to UX design. My goal is always to be an empathetic and shamelessly curious designer that understands both the user needs and fellow developers, which I achieve with freelancing, working with nonprofits across Nova Scotia, and lots and lots of books!


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So... what do you do on your spare time?

Besides designing, reading a lot of books and doing jiu-jitsu, I teach UI/UX design online to thousands of students with my first online course hosted on the Udemy platform.

It teaches the fundamentals of UI design to developers and entrepreneurs who want to create better digital products for their side projects and startups.

The course is 100% free forever. I launched it because, over the years, I learned so much from online teachers whom I never met in person and wanted to pass this knowledge on.

Under 12 months, the course became a  success with:






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You think I didn't cover everything you wanted to know?

Well, people say I am a good conversationalist. To learn more, you can always schedule a call with me :)