My name is Ahmet and I am the mastermind behind this blog and you, my reader, stumbled upon this “about” page. I found out it is very difficult to write this page without sounding dishonest and humble bragging. Thus, I figured the best way to meet each other is for me to tell you a story. Growing up, there was something I always lacked that other children had.  Regardless of the artistic field,  l never had a shrink of talent. In fact, it seemed as god planned to give me all the flaws possible. From tone deafness to the inability of drawing something better than human sticks, I had it all. Thus, with each new hobby, I asked:

Well, should I keep going or should I just quit?”

Each time that I chose to keep going, I figured out new strategies about how to learn better.  Overtime I developed my strategies to learn something new regardless of the field . I read books, I watched courses and I improved how I practiced.  One day, I  was working on finishing one of my programming side project, an IOS app,  and I  couldn’t take it anymore. I struggled to understand why my design sucked. I watched tutorials, surfed dribble for inspiration but nada. Shortcuts, inspirations didn’t work.  They still don’t work.   I had to choose between taking the long road of mastery that starts with fundamentals or copy pasting  color palettes. I took the former and here we are. My goal in this blog is to teach UI/UX design  to others but more importantly it is to make my  audience, yes you,  realise that what matters is not lack of talent but  necessary willingness  to master the craft.