Terra Firma

I revamped an established consulting company's website experience to increase avg task completion speed by ~100%.

My Role:
UI Designer
Time Line:
6 weeks
Project Type:
Web Design


Terra Firma Consultants believed their online presence didn't represent accurately their capabilities and expertise in land consulting. Thus, we began working together this year to renew their online presence.


How might we design a digital experience that would build trust and enable potential customers to contact Terra Firma Consultants for their services and products?

Step 1


  • Usability testing the old Website
  • Competitive Research
  • A sample screen from old website
  • Initial Prototype Goals

Usability Interviews For the Old Website

To understand the pain points of  potential users, I interviewed 5 users. From my interviews, I gathered 3 important insights.

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Competitive Research

I compiled a list of companies that are in the same market as Terra Firma Consultants to help me find visual patterns for certain pages. Through my research, I found patterns especially for Homepage that helped me gain great insights.

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Old Website Usability Problems

Thanks to my initial usability tests and competitive research, I was able to identify usability problems that made the website difficult to use.

Step 2


  • Sitemap
  • Usability Interviews
  • Insight for Home Page
  • Insight for Contact Page

The new sitemap

Based on initial usability testing on the old website, I found out that 50% of users couldn't find the Team page and they couldn't answer the correct number of services Terra Firma Consultants offer. So, I created a new sitemap and renamed some navigation links.

Insights for Home

During the usability tests,  users struggled to place a call on the company on the home page. 

Insights for Contact

During the usability tests, users mentioned they didn't want to go to a new app such as Gmail to send the company a message.

Step 3

Final Design Solution

  • Establishing the Branding Guide
  • Home
  • Team
  • Contact

Establishing the Style Guide

Blues were chosen as the primary colors since it is a color associated with trustworthiness, professionalism. I picked a serif font "Cormorant Garamond" for headers to grab the user's attention to the headers and sans-serif font "Libre Franklin" to make the content readable.

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Various CTAs are added to make the user easily reach out to the company if they are interested. Also,  social proof elements such as government certificates and a number of years in presence have been added to build trust.


Clickable buttons to message and to call each team member have been added so that if the user wants to learn more about the company's services from a specific team member they can.


Form message option and a call button were added to make it easy for users to reach out. 


Since 2014, over 40%+ of searches online are coming from a mobile device. So to make the website experience more engaging, I also made the company's website mobile responsive.

Step 4


  • Results
  • Testimonials
  • Next Steps

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Next Steps

Now that the website is redesigned and published, I have 3 goals to improve user engagement in the near future:

1) Measure on average how long people are spending on each  page 

2) Measure monthly user sessions for the website. 

3) Measure the conversion rate of the call button CTA  in Navigation.